Photography Calvin Lee硕濠
Address:BeiJing. China
地址:中国 北京



Invite models to join me! Whether you are a professional model or a normal person, I sincerely invite you to join my shooting, because I came up with the next issue of paper publication! I can't promise you a lot, but the most basic thing is that you can get a set of photos of your own! Shooting is free, getting photos is free! If you ask me what do you want? What can you get, I said in this virtual era, and your real communication is harvest! Maybe we can gain more from each other!


My new webisit does not know whether there will be friends like, hope to get feedback.


In2018,the photos I took were made into a paper album. It was promised that the netizens would post to the internet to meet with you one year later. Now I promise:) 2018 Magazine

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