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Photography Calvin SH.L  李硕濠
Mobile Phone:+86 13366188911
Address:I am in BeiJing 我在北京
Hi! I am Calvin. In this website is my photo works,if you like it and want to take photo,the best call me back or leave a massage,Look forward to our cooperation!

No middlemen added price! The photographer serves you directly. The network is virtual, the service is real, contact you will gain more!

声明:流行射线不会用微信作为与您沟通的方式。 don't using wechat with you contact.

My original intention of doing this website is to fashion and vogue, but the temptation of interests that I go a lot of detours, Today, I want to get rid of my own works which are not reated to fashion,so as to restore my original intention of doing website.
Build website in 2002, in order to serve our customers for a long time registered the trademark ";VOGUERAY";, provide a service --- photography services, content within the site shows that I can do, when the shutter press the moment, any wonderful moments have become the past, I do not mention past achievements, leaving as many years after a wonderful testimony to share with family and friends is that I can now do for you, we need more work in mutual understanding, I believe! Contact Us --- "",you'll get more!


*宝马金融服务(中国)新闻发布会BMW Financial Services (CHINA) Press Conference
*2008.6.25 心境梦境大溪地旅游推介会 BEIJING *2008.6.20 ROBERTWAN 珍珠秀 SHANGHAI
*2008.3.22 EPISODE & JESSICA & colour eighteen 
*2007.12.5 第二届中国私人银行与财富管理论坛 2nd China Private Banking & Wealth Management Forum
*第36届世界期刊大会 北京2007.5.13---15 36th FIPP WORLD MAGAZINE CONGRESS BEIJING 13-15 MAY, 2007 
杂志丰富你的世界 Magazines enrich your world 
*Miss Sixty & Energie 07'ss Fashion Show
*2007.1.8 Orange™ ftgroup
*2006.9.22 埃及建军33周年纪念 33rd ANNIVERSARY OF THE EGYPTIAN ARMED FORCES DAY OCTOBER 6TH (1973-2006)

有关商务摄影价格当面洽谈 Business photography price talks in face

500元您自己订制选择需要拍摄的项目:如(时尚街拍,个人写真,也可以选择作为礼物送给自己的朋友,你可以选择婚礼仪式现场,或者仅在新娘家中!总之你自己做主)[其实作为礼物送给朋友不妨是一份新颖的新婚礼物!]500 Yuan! You can make your own selection of the items you need to shoot: for example,(fashion street photo, personal portrait, you can also choose to give your friend a gift, you can also choose wedding site or bride's home! In a word, you do it yourself!) In fact, give a gift to a friend and try a new gift (new wedding gift).拒绝拍摄烟草画面!Refusing to shoot a tobacco picture!

您可以选择单张付款的方式选择您需要的照片:You can choose a single pay ment to choose the photos you need:
100元yuan/张P 1张P   尺寸size:7360/4912

90元yuan/张P 2-3张P  尺寸size:7360/4912

70元yuan/张P 4-6张P  尺寸size:7360/4912

50元yuan/张P 7-12张P 尺寸size:7360/4912

签定委托协议,预付订金:Signing a consignment agreements and paying a deposit in advance:

You may think my price is too low to be creliable and unreliable, but I want to say, the works on the website is my shooting, you like to come to me. 
In order to guarantee the quality of severvice, only one customer is served every day.

Fashion street(outdoor) shoot:$77 (First shot to provide make-up design, No less than 30 photos per person)
户外摄影时尚(时装)街拍:¥500元 (第一次拍摄提供化妆造型设计,提供不少余30张可使用照片)

Fashion photography:$77              (No less than 30 photos per person)
时尚活动拍摄:¥500元           (提供不少余30张可使用照片)

cosmetics&Jewelry shooting:$77 (No more than 6 pieces are taken for the first time.Special ideas are required to provide support according to the situation.)
化妆品饰品拍摄:¥500元        (首次拍摄不超过6件单品,特殊创意需根据情况提供支出)

摄影小团购: (提供每人不少余30张照片)



Photo small group purchase: (No less than 30 photos per person)
1 person /$77 
2 person /$122
5 person /$ 306

in Beijing's journey, perhaps you need to leave some good memories. It is not only the memory of you and the ancient capital, but also the flavor of the fashion city.

I am in Beijing, if you want to come to Beijing, maybe I can help you with a beautiful memory! I do photography like taking photos of fashion, and my work may be different from others. This is probably the most unique place! You don't like the tedious shooting mode, you like to take the front, the 50 focus lens is not big, cheap, the layman looks unprofessional, but I can make a wonderful picture! Let the "big shots" holiday at home! Do not go to other places in the most familiar Beijing for you to provide shooting service! If you want to have a different travel agency, if you do not have a lot of travel budget, maybe I will provide you with a different trip to Beijing! Because I am the Beijing man! (Note: not Zhoukoudian, not the sale of photographic equipment) Beijing mobile phone: 13366188911 please make an appointment in advance


1人/ 8631円, 2人/13809円, 5人/34523円



欢迎有思想有创意的化妆师合作!Welcome thought and creative make up artist to cooperate!

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This is a brief showcase of photographer Li shuohao`s personal portfolio. Please contact me for any shooting requests.

Mobile Phone:+86 13366188911

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