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2018.3.1今天把第一张照片换成黑人姑娘,是因为,今早的新闻报道有很多黑人女孩在做身体漂白对身体有所伤害.我想说她们已经很美不用再去追求别人的审美,她们的黑色皮肤是上帝的恩赐!2018.3.1 Today the first photo of a black girl,because this morning news reports say there are a lot of black girls in white body,have harm to the body,I want to say they don't have to go to the pursuit of beauty is already people's aesthetic, their black skin is the gift of god!

 希望在2018年有更多的朋友投入到大自然的怀抱体会自然之美!I hope that in 2018,more friends will put into nature in the embrace of the beauty of nature!

2018体现质量与真实!2018Embodies the quality and reality!

2018艺术家应该用他们的作品唱响人们的心声!2018Artists should sing the voices of people with their works!

2018摆脱数字时代的束缚投入属于人们的运动之中!为了自己和身边人!2018 out of the digital age of the bondage of input belongs to the people'smovement! For yourself and the people around you!

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